Store Your Shoes, Clothes In Style! Great Storage Ideas

Need more organization and space in your home? Our portable interlocking 3 tier shoe organizer is perfect for you! The interlocking storage rack is easy to put together and it will give you tons of extra storage. As an added bonus, its simple white design makes it incredibly stylish!

Our interlocking shoe organizer is perfect if you are a home owner, a student, or if you are renting a room and have been pulling your hair out trying to find more storage space because… Your search for a solution ends here!

With our interlocking shoe organizer you can transform chaos into organization, and mess into style.

And the best thing about it is that shoe organizer can be assembled using only your hands—yes, there are no tools needed! You simply lock the plastic panels together and voila! You have created extra storage space for your home.

You can put the Inxact shoe storage rack in the garage, in your closet, in the entryway, under the stairs, or even outside (as the shoe rack is waterproof and extremely durable). The possibilities are endless and the sturdy yet portable frame can be moved around whenever you like!

The most popular designs for the shoe rack is as a tall rectangle (6 tiers high) or as a cute cube (3 tiers high and 2 cubes across). When your shoe storage rack arrives, you can choose whichever design suits you the best and simply pop it into place. The shoe rack will fit your space perfectly and store up to # shoes within it! Plus, if you like being creative, you can make your own fun shape from the interlocking shoe organizer and make it completely unique!

In fact, our product is so versatile and stylish that you don’t even have to just use it for shoes… You can use it as a great way to store toys, books, clothing, towels, and more. And the clean white design make it the perfect piece to add to the design and style of all of your spaces!

So get yourself the Inxact shoe rack now—we can’t wait to help you transform your home!


Assembling your white interlocking shoe organizer is so easy and simple that you might even enjoy doing it!

Your Inxact 6 tier shoe storage solution will arrive with 7 large plastic panels, 12 small plastic panels, and the connectors. That is just three simple components!

When you’re ready to assemble your product, the process is simple!

1. Begin by adding a connector to every corner of one large panel. To do so, take four connectors and slide one of them onto each corner of your panel.
2. Next, attach a small panel to the large one and make an “L” shape. To do so, align the short side of the panels together. Then, stand the small rectangular panel upwards and slide it’s edges into the slots found on the corner connector. This will create an “L” shape.
3. Repeat step 2 at the other end of the large panel. After this you should have a “U” shape.
4. Finally, attach one large piece at the top of the structure to create the outline of a rectangular box.


This is your first tier! Using the principles outlined above, all that is left for you to do is add on to this first tier in which ever way you like. We recommend a 6 tier rack (each tier simply placed on top of the other), or a cube-like rack (three tiers up, and two wide), as these are sturdy and very durable! For the 6 tier rack, keep adding the panels in an upward direction. For the cube-like structure, add them upwards until you have made three. Then, start building to the other side. Easy!